Luxe Lets Ltd was founded in May 2019 by Entrepreneur and Businessman, James Palmer.

Drawing on years of experience in business and speacilising in luxury service from the private jet industry, James created Luxe Lets out of a need to facilitate his own requirements, while working away form home, but wanting to still enjoy some of the finer things in life without the high hotel costs. As a result, James brings the Luxe Lifestyle option to the relocation and short term letting business that he’s created.

This is a picture of James Palmer

James has built his reputation in the private aviation sector through strong ethics and a will to always do the right thing. Luxe Lets  is no exception to this.
Luxe Lets will do business ethically and in compliance with all rules, regulations and best practices within the sectors it operates. We do not want to be another ‘lip service’ company, but genuinely and ethically lead by example.

In a world where what we stand for is just as important as our service and customer experience, it’s important to outline our core values;

  • We believe, that all properties should be served by green renewable energy,
  • We believe that all vehicles will be low to carbon neutral, with an aim to be all electric by 2021.
  • We will promote recycling and upcycling within all of our tenanted households.
  • We will promote opportunities to reduce single use plastics.
  • We will use low energy LED lighting in all properties.
  • We will use water saving showerheads in all ensuites and bathrooms.
  • We will invest in the education of all staff to give them the tools and knowledge to promote our values and actively take joint ownership for delivery.
  • To invest in upskilling staff, to give them a sense of pride and purpose in what they do and how they do it.
  • When interacting with clients, investors, tenants, trades colleagues and the general public, and whenever representing the organisation; treat others with the utmost respect, have integrity and be honest.
  • Success is a win/win partnership. No one should walk away feeling cheated.
  • We will not discriminate.
  • We aim to maintain a high standard of quality control and compliance.
  • We believe in a Just, Safe & Secure working culture.
  • Our output is our signature! Autographed with pride!

Brand Values

  • Be Sincere – Treat others with the utmost respect, have integrity and be honest.
  • Go the Extra Mile – Exceed expectations to your best ability every day.
  • Autographed with Pride – Take ownership of your work and see it through to the end.
  • Together is Better – Value the skills of others and use them to enhance our collective achievements.
  • Value Yourself – Be authentically who you are and proud of your individual quirks.